“Science Is Right & Religion Is Wrong.”

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“Science is right & religion is wrong.” I personally, believe that this statement is not correct. This is because, there are some phenomenons in this world and in this universe that science can’t explain but religion however can- an example of this is would be the Mayan civilization; They predicted many of the natural disasters that came to be and they were far more advanced than us. This clearly proves that science is not always right and religion is not always wrong. Most Muslims would contradict this statement. This is due to the fact that Muslims believe that we (Humanity) are in the progress of learning and that we will come to understand the truth one day. They would use the idea of the Geocentric and Heliocentric universe. The Geocentric theory was that everything in the solar system was orbiting the Earth and this was believed to be scientific truth among all of humankind. However, as time passed, we discovered that the universe is in fact a heliocentric mode meaning that everything in the solar system orbits the sun. Currently, scientists have found out that even the heliocentric model is not correct as their seems to be two centres to this solar system. From this, we can see that what was once thought to be scientific truth has now been replaced with a more accurate truth. Muslims believe that one day, we will reach the ultimate truth. In addition to that, most Muslims dot discount the theory of a ‘Big Bang’ explosion at the start. The elements and what were to become the planets and stars began to cool. Coning together and forming into shapes. They believe all of this but they also strongly believe that Allah is the cause of this. Muslims also believe that the Universe is expanding, but they believe that Allah is the cause. Currently, that is the only explanation there is as science has not come up with an answer to the question “Why is the universe
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