What Does Education Mean to You?

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Education: The process in which an individual gains pointless knowledge for the opportunity to get wealthy. America's education system is awful at properly educating their students. The type of education that is taught in high school is only to prepare you for what you're actually going to learn in college. A lot of the courses being offered at high schools are impractical in our daily lives, such as trigonometry, Hawaiian history and British literature. These courses are useless unless you're going to major in one of those subjects, but most of us aren't. So then why are they offered to us? I don't know, but it is a waste of time. Instead of memorizing information only to have it regurgitated back to the teacher, we should be spending time learning practical life lessons. Courses like home economics, entrepreneurship ,and accounting should be mandatory. Not everyone has a mom that will teach them how to cook or do laundry or a dad that can teach them how to do taxes or fix a flat tire, so these life skills should be available to us in school. The curricular system that's currently being used is outdated, just like the textbooks we "learn" from. Decades ago school was a place people wanted to go, they yearned for knowledge. The curriculum that was being taught matched the jobs that that era needed. But now society is a lot more complex and there are thousands of careers out there that require you to know more than how to read or write. But in order to even think about getting a good career you need to graduate college with a degree. It's like a chain, you need to complete one task in order to to get to the next. This "chain" is also known as the American Dream. We are exposed to this Dream at a very young age which already sets up our minds to believe that you need a good education in order to make money so that you can live a happy life. The "American Dream"
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