Bus 691 Leadership Paper

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Bus 691 Week 6 Final paper True Freshman Leader BUS 691 Strategies in Organizational Leadership Leadership is something that most people think can’t be taught; they believe it is something that people are naturally born with but anyone who has taken this course will know otherwise. Leadership is something that can be taught, learned, but never perfected. Leadership is a learning process; with the proper dedication and guidance almost anyone can be taught to be a great leader. What most people do not understand is that there are many different types of leaders. You can’t put all leaders into one category; there are many different types of styles that leaders use. These styles make them all different…show more content…
I took over role as leader for the project. It had been discussed since I was the “most organized” I would be the one to look over everyone. Since we were all friends and very close I decided to take a friendly approach to looking over everything. I used the individualized consideration leadership theory while working on this project. The reason this project is my number for all leadership situations is because everything that was planned was executed correctly. At first I planned to separate everyone; since there were 5 students and we only needed two teachers it would be plenty of hands for extra work. Trina and Shelly were the two teachers (they wanted to be elementary school teachers so it fit well). The five students we had for the most advanced in the class; to tell the truth it was no different from teaching any other elementary school student. Alberta was in charge of handling the curriculum, getting books or work sheets, and managing the time schedule. My job was helping everyone when needed; one day I might be with Trina and Shelly another day I might be with Alberta. Mary did the same as me there were usually 3 people teaching and two people organizing. There were plenty of days were classes were interrupting the schedule; days when there was one teacher and one
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