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John Taylor Gatto was an award winning educator, an ardent libertarian and he taught in New York Public Schools for over two decades. To the eye, schooling exists to provide students with the skills to achieve success and to have students reach their full potential. Gatto believes that public schools only exists to fulfill the six functions, which according to Inglis, is the actual purpose of modern schooling and as Inglis says “cripple our kids”(148). His perception of schooling was that it is boring and unfair, Gatto said that the curriculum is designed to not let anyone be there own person and to express themselves in there own way. I agree with this statement to a certain extent. I think boredom and confidence in the classroom is a…show more content…
Then when I studied and got a good grade I was like “wow, I can do this” and felt a beam of confidence that I could do it for other classes as well. Adapting to the schoolwork is a big part of having confidence in the classroom because you understand what is being taught. Gatto said “schools are establish fixed habits of relation to authority. This of course, precludes critical judgement completely.”(152). Gatto is saying that schooling is made for kids to adapt to; it has adaptive qualities, therefore there is a chance for everyone to succeed if they really want to, but it takes away from any individual thinking. Conforming is another evil of school because it makes us forced to learn things we really have no interest in and as Gatto states “its intention is to make children as alike as possible”(153). A lot of students use this excuse while they are in high school “when am I ever going to use this again in life” ill be honest I have said it before but I don't necessarily agree with these students because you need to build a base education before you figure out what you want your schooling to focus on. Kids change their minds everyday, I realized that I’m not quite sure I want to be an art major anymore, even being in the first couple of classes I knew it wasn’t for me…show more content…
We have to realize that we will get no where in life complaining that the teachers don't care about us or that we don't get it. The problem with Gato’s essay is that he does not stress the idea of confidence as a solution to boredom. You have to be confident in your learning ability and help yourself out. Thats why i agree with some of the parts of Gatto’s essay, other parts I disagree with and thats why I believe my essay should be read by students so that maybe they can relate to the things i went through or that I am talking

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