Hidden Intellectualism Essay

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“Hidden Intellectualism” Gerald Graff’s “Hidden Intellectualism” explains the difference between academic intelligence and “street smarts” in today’s society as a student. He makes direct points about individuals that are intelligent in several ways and just need to lean how to plug the intellectualism they like, into a school setting. “Hidden Intellectualism” conveys the message that “street smarts” has intellectual potential. I agree with the author that these different smarts can be found in our everyday society. Gerald Graff points out the pressure that society and school put on students to be academically intelligent. Students must have the perfect grades and attend the highest ranking school. Students also have to go to extreme measures to just get through one class because they know that failing is not a option. As Graff says, “To say that students need to see their interests “through academic eyes” is to say that street smarts are not enough” (p.303). I agree with what Graff says and also agree when he says, “The challenge, as a college professor Ned Laff has put it, “is not simply to exploit students’ nonacademic interests, but to get them to see those interests through academic eyes” (p.302). I strongly believe this is true, I wish teachers would really take this into consideration. The author also reminds us of his own adolescent experience. Graff was anit-intellectual as a young student until he entered college. Graff disliked books very much and only cared for sports. He grew up in a Chicago neighborhood and was necessary to maintain the “hood” toughness title to your name. Graff explains “It was in these discussions with friends about toughness and sports, I think, and in my reading of sports books and magazines, that I began to learn the rudiments of the intellectual life: how to make an argument, weigh different kinds of

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