Hidden Intellectualism by Graff

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Brian Victores Hidden Intellectualism by Graff 1. I found Gerald Graff’s argument to be much like my own. Just because an interest is out of ‘normal schooling’ does not mean it holds less worth. Graff supports this with the example he used about sports. Graff says that with all the statistics/thoughts involved with sports, it’s actually helping with development of literacy and is actually mentally stimulating for the student reading them. 2. To support the analogy with sports structure and life is very blatant and obvious to me --- life is a ‘team sport.’ No matter what you do, you will have to work with others to achieve a goal. This holds true to every specialization and raising. You might have an idea that can evolve humanity to new stage, but without the funding to do so, it will remain an idea. This correlates with sports to the utmost degree. Just because you see an opening in the defense while playing soccer/football, does not mean you will be able to accomplish it on your own. One must communicate and relate to the others on one’s ‘team.’ 3. I cannot imagine an “intellectual conversation” happening on the subject of Family Guy. The show itself is a random script of current events with a funny overtone. With that said, the show might bring people who are glued to the TV aware of everything day events that are happening in the world. Other than that, I couldn’t even hope to imagine what intellectual properties that a show like Family Guy would have. 4. Graff’s argument matters on many levels. Graff paints a picture of how schooling is and how it could be. He displays the intellectual properties of the possibility of including subjects that would interest a group of students, who display a wide array of talents, into more intellectual feats that could benefit mankind --- if they allow it. “Street smarts” has been deemed ‘unfit’ for most that

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