Essay On Science And Religion

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Before talking about the incompatibility of science and religion, it is necessary to answer questions such as what is science and what is religion? The science is a tool by means of which it is possible to receive true knowledge of the world. How there was a Universe or how life has appeared? Very deep and difficult question. While none of these issues have precise answers, but there is a scientific methodology, which is the best of what people can approach to them. Science includes the selection and analysis of the facts with highly sophisticated methods. Currently, this topic is very relevant, and about science and religion there are enough different debates, disputes. It is preferred not to separate them, because science and religion do…show more content…
He spoke about faith, where faith means believing in something unproven. If a person believes in something unsubstantiated, then it is useless to say to him: "Listen, wait, well, here are the facts". This person may say "I will not even argue, it is my faith, I will not renounce it, I will not give up". That is like the terrorists think that they are sinless, that they perform the will of the Lord, according to their point of view they are do good things. According to Richard Dawkins this is the evil of religion. As it was mentioned before it is blind faith. Since in this essay started talking about the negative side of religion, the science also has disadvantages. All application-oriented applications of science, for example nuclear bombs, are awful. There is no dispute. The religion can comfort the person and ensure that any of his spiritual needs that science cannot overcome. It can bestow peace and tranquility in the soul. For example, if person craves on his left relatives, hope to reunite in paradise. So, he will find that consolation in paradise, but it does not become more truthful from it. Science is not a religion, because it is not based on the scriptures, nor the revelation, but only on the facts. This is difference between science and
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