The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Summary

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(page 1 to 98) “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian”, I have a better understanding on the name of the book even I am on the halfway through the book. Part-time: half white, half Indian. That sounds weird, but that described Junior’s complex feeling. If you ever moved to a new country or a new city, or transferred schools, changed jobs, then you might understand how Junior felt in the book. This book covers a lot of issues: poverty, social justice, racism, cultural shock, self-awareness, hope, isolation, friendship etc. There are couple of things that stuck out to me , one is hope. Junior was born with many problems, living on an Indian reservation where he is bullied by local people, his father is a drunk, his mother is an ex-drunk, his sister is a recluse, his best friend Rowdy is abused by his father. It seems Junior should give up and accept the situation in such a bad growth environment. No. Junior has hope, Mr. P told Junior that he is the smartest kid in school, and he encouraged Junior to leave Rez otherwise he would give up his future. Mr. P pointed out a bright way to Junior, and Junior took the advice bravely. The other thing that stuck out to me is racism. After Junior transferred to Reardan - a school with a lot rich white kids, every his new classmate seems a racist, they made fun of him just like in reservation. On the other side he was treated as “traitor” in Rez, Junior fits in nowhere! He was struggled to survive between the Indian and white people, he has to learn to be not just an

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