Synopsis Of The Novel 'A Separate Peace' By John Knowles

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Esther Yun Honors Lit 91A Mrs. Ham 6 March 2012 A Separate Peace In the novel, A Separate Peace by John Knowles, the setting is highly symbolic and helps to develop the theme of the novel. The setting is summer 1942 during World War II at Devon Academy. The school is highly symbolic; multiple events happen there that expands the theme of the novel and changes the characters beneficially. The theme of the novel is jealousy and transformation. Gene went to a private school full of rich and arrogant boys. He tries to fit in in the environment and as a result, he did something that made him feel guilt every second of his life. Because he envied Finny and his athletic abilities and popularity, he purposely shook the branch and made Finny fall and break his leg. As a result, Gene felt enormously guilty. Jealousy is never good. It made him into being regretful and sorry.…show more content…
In the title, A Separate Peace, “peace” can also mean, another piece, a separate piece. The author chose to play a pun on words to make the reader have second thoughts about the title. He used the word peace to show that at the end of the book, everyone had come to peace separately. Before Finny died, he and Gene exchanged forgiveness causing both of them to feel peaceful and at ease. They both realized that friendship comes before competition. The title can also mean piece. At Devon High, everyone wanted their share of glory, popularity, and attention. Gene wanted his share so badly that he did something horrible. Finny and Gene had a love and hate relationship. Sometimes they would make fun of each other to the point where it was exciting no more, and sometimes they loved each other to the point where they would depend on each other and help one another. They had their many sides of friendship. These tie into the setting of the novel. They act like they are in war. Sometimes they fight and sometimes they are friendly toward each

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