Chapter Summary: Montana 1948 By Larry Watson

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Journal: “Montana 1948” Larry Watson In “Montana 1948”, Larry Watson tells the story of a small-town sheriff grapples with the conflict between his job and his loyalty to a powerful family member. And the son of the sheriff, David Hayden, a 12-year-old boy, narrates his life which he and his parents live in the summer of 1948 and a life-changing event which happen to him in this summer. During reading the Chapter One, my emotion keeps changing. At the beginning, I become increasingly fascinated by the cozy life in Bentrock. Watson uses parallelism to describe what the little David`s life looks like. He writes, “I rode horseback; I swam; I fished; I hunted; my friends and I killed more beer cans, soda bottles, road signs, and telephone…show more content…
When Marie, the housekeeper that David loves, gets sick, his parents ask his dad`s brother, Dr. Hayden, to tend to her. Marie shouts, “Mrs.! Mrs.!” and “No! Mrs.!” (28:6) and his parents learn that David`s Uncle Frank have been molesting and raping Indian women all of his life. Although Marie has a serious cold, she also uses her weak voice to protest being checked by Uncle Hayden alone. From these few words, readers can feel the intense fear and panic from Marie and know that Uncle Hayden is an indecent rapist. Besides, by the end of Chapter 1, I really confuse about the Mr. Hayden`s attitude. After David`s mother tells this father all the things, he waits for his father to explode, but, instead, his father said as quietly as before: “Why are you telling me this?” (36:4). Although I know that Dr. Hayden is David`s father`s brother, I consider that in front of justice and brother`s relationship, I will prefer to choose justice. Therefore, I hope that in the end of the novel, Mr. Hayden could protect Indian women and do as a sheriff should do. Works Cited Watson, Larry. Montana 1948: A novel. Ed. Milkweed Editions. Canada, 2007. 3-43.

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