The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian Essay

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G00185051 Pursue the Things of Substance. Bravery is as important to a boy as childbirth is to a woman. In Sherman Alexie’s novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, the main character, Junior feels hopeless on his rez and decides to leave and find hope at Reardan, a school in the white town. Victor who plays the lead role in the movie Smoke Signals by Sherman Alexie also leaves his rez with his friend Thomas in search of hope to find the remains of his father. Junior, leaving the rez to find hope at Reardan, supports and clarifies Thomas and Victor’s journey to finding Victor’s father’s remains. Junior is hopeless on his rez, but he is determined to find hope elsewhere. First, Junior is bullied by his peers due to his abnormalities which are…show more content…
Junior was born with too much fluid around his brain which caused him to have a big head. Junior describes himself as slender, with big feet and hands. For this reason, his peers called him “orbit”. Next, Junior finds his mother’s name on a geometry book that he is supposed to be using for his own geometry class. “My school and my tribe are so poor and sad that we have to study from the same dang books our parents study from; that is absolutely the saddest thing in the world”. Junior then throws the book at the Mr. P, the teacher. In retrospect, he throws it to show just how poor his rez is and that he now has to use the same textbook his mother used. Junior, feeling even more hopeless, decides to leave the Spokane Reservation and its problems with poverty, domestic violence, and alcoholism; He then finds the school with the most hope, the rich, white school in Reardan, after talking to Mr. P. “You kill Indians?” Junior asks; “No, no, it’s just a saying” (4). Mr. P reveals to Junior that his teacher’s training at the Spokane Reservation was focused on striping the children of their culture; their songs, stories, language, and dancing. “We were

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