Should Schools Have Dress Code?

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Should Schools Have Dress Code? In 21st century as schools grow and education starts to take on the race to go back in its “Golden Age”, yet the students in public high schools face many problems that are caused only by not having dress code in school. Such as bulling (conflict), computation, and distraction from school. Which makes the students fall behind from the education standers required by some of the most complicated colleges threw out the world. Also according from studies done by New York University of Education Department it shows that United States education system fails to stay up to standers compare to what the Easter world makes for their high Schools students. One of the major problems caused in Long Island high schools by not having dress codes is Bulling. Student in high schools complains that other kids make fun of their dress. Also if you don’t have the top brands, colors, and styles on, then they treat you as if the students are not part of the school or are out of there cast or even place them on the bottom there permanent. It makes the student with high standers and strong educational level struggle and eventually fall apart. It’s just not only becomes a mental problem but also ends up to become physical too. It can cause fight in schools, conflicts and even racist problem. Then it involves NYPD or even gets in group fights such as Ganges. Another one of the major problems caused from not setting dress code for student in high school is computation with in students that ones were each other’s success. Teens in high school of 21st century admit that there’s more computation with others kids not only in sports, educations, but also in dress they wear. Also according to time spend and the experience as being a formal high school student, if the public school set up a dress code it would help both, the students and school faculty. It

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