Should Hockey Players Make as Much as They Do?

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So because a hockey player makes a ridiculous wage a teacher should too? This is the typical handout, me-to dipshit argument that makes no sense at all. I think the wages paid to professional athletes are disgusting, but I could care less, that is a private sector issue between the goons and the goofballs willing to pay it. People who think they deserve more money because some political figure (or athlete in this warped argument) is getting paid more are simple dipshits. Giving 70 MP’s a 5,000 dollar raise is chump change to giving 42,000 teachers or bus drivers, or garbage persons, or phone jockeys, paper shufflers a 15% wage increase. Giving the teachers 15% would cost the taxpayer (not the government, like so many morons think) $315,000,000, then we’d have to give the same to all the other losers on the list above when they decide to hold us hostage be refusing to do their menial task. If the fact that an MP got a raise pisses you off, do something about it instead of standing there with your hand out. Otherwise go play hockey. Your hours with the kids thought is also moronic, buy yourself a calculator, take it out of the box and read the instructions…. No, the BCTF is screwing with education using it as a lever to extort $$ for their mediocre membership. A union environment will NEVER attract the best and the brightest because in a union everyone gets paid the same. In the non union (real) world the best and the brightest get paid way more for their contributions that the average union slob who is more concerned about his contracted pro-d days that doing their job! Nothing simple about the economics of unions. Unions today are economic antagonists, they put the brakes on creative minds, stifling innovation and supporting mediocrity. If you don't like living in Vancouver because it is too expensive take along hard guestimate of why it is too
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