Grapes Of Wrath Symbolism Analysis

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Symbolism and the Grapes of Wrath Very often in a novel symbolism is overlooked. Without realizing what some objects symbolize you are only reading part of the book. Throughout the Grapes of Wrath Steinbeck uses symbolism to provide a deeper understanding of the novel to the readers. Not everyone catches the important symbols. Coffee is an innocent enough substance, but it represents so much more than just a refreshing drink that wakes you up. When coffee is present, people talk. They socialize, gossip, and provide news. In the government camp, Weedpatch, the Joad family gets settled in. The first morning there Tom wakes early and finds another family getting ready for their day. They invite him to breakfast, with bacon, biscuits and gravy,…show more content…
They send out thousands upon thousands of handbills requesting workers. In reality they are just trying to further their own wealth by paying workers lower and lower wages. If there are too many workers, they can pay as little as they want to. A man will not let his family go hungry when he can change it. He will gladly work for two cents per bucket of peaches. Those two cents will help him get food, and he will do so willingly and without complaint. The kicker is the wages the landowners pay out returns to them quickly. They have stores on site where people can buy goods. The goods are overpriced, which forces the two cent earning workers to buy from them or waste precious fuel by driving to town and returns their paycheck to the landowner. Not only are the big landowners just greedy about driving wages down or getting it back, when they have an excess amount of product they burn it. [448] They do not feed the starving, or help the sick, or aid the dying. They are too greedy, the landowners need to keep the circle of wealth around them. With the excess food their workers are not hungry, and will demand higher wages. The landowners want to keep their subjects in oppression because a hungry man will work for whatever he can

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