Why We Should Be Illegal Immigrants

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No jobs equal no dreams to build In my opinion there are far too many immigrants that already occupy all areas of our industrial and mercantile business. What this does is limit the amount of hometown jobs for hometown people. One classic example is it is cheaper to pay an immigrant less per hour to pick produce than it is to pay a hometown individual that is associated with a union. I am not saying pay is a huge factor it is only one facet of the whole diamond. There are jobs such as picking produce that no hometown native would want to do because it is too dirty for them to perform so these jobs become appealing for the searching immigrant. With this issue on who will do the work there also lies another problem that we continue to face today. Having immigrants work legally versus immigrants who come to America to work illegally. Being a legal immigrant does not impact the economy since the worker is legally here and is granted permission to work. He or she earns money, pays taxes and are able to take care of their well-being medical necessities and personal necessities. They legally and honestly give back to the government as they are working in…show more content…
We should focus more on not allowing illegal immigrants from entering our great nation and support the legal immigrants who put in an honest day of work and also pay their taxes accordingly. With this structure which I understand is one that is hard to implement I know we will find the harmony and accord in which labels our nation as an “economic global power”. We should also find a balance to where both hometown natives and legal immigrants work in harmony producing the products that our nations so desperately needs and use. Together we will stand in assisting our country maintain its place as a global super power. While being sensitive to the legal immigrant and hometown
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