Are the Rich Necessary

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Alexis Robinson September 24, 2011 3rd Block Economics “Are the Rich Necessary” by Hunter Lewis In the book “Are the Rich Necessary” Hunter Lewis gives many arguments about the free market. However, he doesn’t share only his point of view. He lets the reader think for themselves although some of his opinions are present. Some things in the chapters contradict his attempt to not think for readers. He often states that the rich are necessary because they lead our economy and that their money helps them to do so. Then later in the books he calls the rich greedy and that they have more money than enough money for them to have a luxurious life. He is basically saying that while some families are struggling to have at least one meal a day, the rich just save/blow money on useless things. He quotes on pg. 20 that “The poor cannot be expected to save, because they need every dollar for basic needs such as food and shelter. Middle class people will save something for emergencies, children's education, or old age. But they have many immediate needs and desires, and in any case their savings will eventually be consumed, especially after retirement. The rich, however, are different. They have so much money that, in aggregate, they simply cannot spend it all. They are, in effect, forced to save.” This quote shows that his opinions are present and that it’s the peoples fault. They have to choose where and how to spend their money. I don’t believe you can save money if you’re struggling to keep a roof over your children’s head. He states many times that profits/supply & demand are leading causes for what makes too high for lower class people to afford. If companies didn’t try to make such a high profit then could the poor afford what they need? This is unfair and unjust because Lewis is saying the rich should reap the benefits of a thriving and successful business.
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