Are the Rich Getting Richer and the Poor Getting Poorer?

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Are The Rich Getting Richer and The Poor Getting Poorer? Economic inequality is an issue that has been occurring for years, and to this day, it is still a dilemma. Karl Marx with his theory of the “Law of Increasing Poverty” proves that indeed, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. This motif describes the way that the great recession is occurring. The rich are making money on their investments, and have more money to work with, while the poor are being squeezed out with the higher costs of living. They are struggling to make ends meet. The gap between the rich and poor is widening prominently. The rich are the ones that benefit the most as they are the ones that are becoming richer and richer. They possess the money that they need to work with to invest and buy housing and are able to benefit from these rising asset prices because it makes their items worth more generating even more wealth. When the poor lose their houses, the rich are able to go in and take over their housing to make profit off of them while the merit of them rises. The investment of stocks is a big income maker as the price of them decays during the recession, then later on stabilizes and increases in most cases. The prosperous are the ones that can easily pay for post-secondary education to pursue a decent well-paying job. They do not have the financial stress to go along with the cost of their education. Most of these people are the ones becoming doctors, professors and lawyers, because they can afford it. On average, these are the more stable jobs. For the duration of the recession, many wealthy are able to buy up companies and are able to capitalize, and benefit from the others misfortune. The well-off are also creating jobs for the poorer by providing jobs for some of them. Many of the rich have worked very hard or inherited family wealth to get to the point where

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