Athletes Make Too Much

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Phase 2 IP Wouldn’t it be great to make millions a year to play a sport that you have loved your whole life? It’s just sad that for every basket that Kobe Bryant makes is the average yearly salary that a teacher makes. I do understand that the teachers of the world only teach one class at a time and that the professional athletes are known world wide and receive extreme amounts of attention. But would the athletes be there without the teachers that taught them back in grade school in that one class room, well I don’t believe they would be. In my opinion it’s just not fair to the teachers of the world, why do they only get paid the amount that they get. Teachers are the ones that make the young people turn into the doctors, athletes and so on. Not only is it the teachers that suffer but what about the police, firefighters, and military that risk their lives everyday for our happiness. Even with all of those professions put together the athletes still make more in one year. Furthermore I also find it hard to believe the fact that a lot of the professional athletes complain to the world that they can’t support their families. How is that even possible when everyone else in the world finds a way to make it with just a portion of the money that the athletes make. The athletes just start out greedy and continue to get even greedier. But really they have nothing to get mad about they can buy a house that cost less than 10 million dollars just like anyone else can. Maybe they need a good slap to the face and we should not pay them what they want, so what if they said they won’t play because I guarantee there are people out there that will play for way less money. Also why do athletes get guaranteed money before they even play a game in the big leagues? That just shows that it’s all a big gamble and what really matters to them is the money. Not to mention the fact

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