Mandatory Steroids Case Study

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MLB Should Apply a Mandatory Steroid Test for All Players In today’s sports world, there have been many problems with players cheating the game by using drugs to make them perform better. Many sports today have not applied testing for all players and have regretted not doing it awhile back. The drug problem is mostly hurting Major League Baseball the most but has an effect on all sports. There are players that are playing the game without using steroids therefore whom are being cheated out because players are making more money by performing better because of the use of steroids. Furthermore, this is hurting the reputation of the MLB because fans have lost respect for their heroes who have always thought they were playing the game correctly.…show more content…
If many players are paying trainers to get them in-shape and trainers are costing a lot of money to inject steroids into players, why should Commisioner Bud Selig care how much the cost of players being tested really is. If players are hurting the game and loosing the game its publicity and its fans, testing players regardless about the money will be a good decision if the league every wants to follow the rules and play the game correctly. This will not hurt the league if this costs them millions of dollars. The only people who are viewing this is a lose if the MLB because they don’t want to put out the money. Players are getting payed enough money by the teams to play good in games without using performance enhancing drugs. No teams are paying their players to cheat the game and risk getting cought when they invested in the players. Gary Wadler, a leading expert who serves on the World Anti-Doping Agency's, commented on the MLB drug situation by saying, "I do think in their heart of heart baseball wants to get rid of drugs,” but they're not keeping up. The guys that are cheating are very astute, as we have learned” (Nightengale 1). In this article, the league can’t even come close to keeping up with the drug problem. The league is brining in so much money and they are worried about the cost of testing players when they will loose money in the long run if this problem doesn’t get resolved. Instead of the players making big impressions of the game, the MLB should step in and not care about the cost of the testing for all players because they are already a multi billion dollar
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