Outsourcing To Mexico Essay

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Outsourcing of jobs from the United States to other countries has been a growing matter over the past few decades. With the economy at a low, many industries and CEOs are wanting to expand their markets and factories overseas to developing countries that thirst for any job they can get their hands on. These workers are paid a substantial amount less to do the same work that normal Americans would do for a lot more. This is where the issue has many unemployed Americans buzzing. Most minimum wage workers that have lost their jobs to outsourcing absolutely cannot stand the idea whatsoever. They believe that they were working at a fine pace and their job was substantial to their income and their lives. This is where America is suffering economically…show more content…
Not only are wages much cheaper, but shipping is much closer to the United States than having to ship half way across the globe. And although a country like Turkey, being of developed status, has higher wage and GDP per capita, it is still much smaller to that of the US. Many textile industries could relocate to Turkey and begin assembly lines here as the material is already grown and made in the country. Outsourcing to Mexico would be relatively easy to do, seeing that the NAFTA protects the rights of free trade between the US and the rest of North America. But a country such as Turkey, seeing as no trade agreements have been made between them and the US, would not be so ideal because of larger tariffs and borders between the trading industries. As an economist, one must agree that there must be a delicate balance between outsourced industries and industries on the home front. It would be best to lean towards more American products so employment rates would be much higher, but with high employment comes great inflation. The costs of many products would skyrocket if we did not have industries that had very low employee wages in other countries. And if there is too much outsourcing, there would be no jobs. So the United States must keep close eye on outsourcing or the whole economy could collapse in a moments
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