Athletes Are Overpaid

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I love watching and playing sports, whether it’s soccer, basketball, or watching the Super Bowl every year. Sports wouldn’t exist without the athletes that play them. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong, David Beckham, John Cena, Sidney Crosby, Tony Hawk and that’s only a few. These god-like millionaires that entertain thousands of people every day, they work extremely hard and deserve everything they have right now. Though don’t you think these athletes are maybe getting paid a tad too much? Let’s start with someone I’m sure you all know about, Babe Ruth all time baseball player, unarguably one of the best. In 1930 The Great Depression overcame America, probably the biggest tragedy in American history. However there were a lot of people who thought it wasn’t all that bad because Babe was paid eighty thousand dollars in 1930 just to hit home runs. When Babe was asked about making thousand dollars more than the President of the United States that year, he replied, “I had a better year than he did.” This is just one example of the many overpaid athletes around the world. I would also like to talk about Kevin Brown he signed a seven-year, contract worth $105 million. He hasn’t been able to play half of the contract due to his injuries. He’s basically getting paid to sit at home all day and do nothing. Professional athletes are getting paid more and more as time goes by, before it was $4.7 million now it’s more than $85 million and growing. While people in the U.S. don’t have enough food to eat and the police officers and fire fighters that put their lives at risk everyday don’t even get a quarter of that. Let’s take school teachers for an example they get $38,000 per year, well at least in the U.S. While the minimum starting salary for a basketball player, football player, hockey player and baseball player starts at around $109,000. Don’t you think
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