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The average American only makes $41,673.83 annually according to the social security online national wage index, but it is said that the average NBA player makes a stunning $4,790,000 per year. It seems crazy that the average NBA player makes more in a week than the average American does in a year, but yet they are still arguing with team owners over slight pay cuts. The NBA lockout has been all over the news for months, and it seems extremely silly that millionaires are arguing with billionaires over how to divvy up four billion dollars. Due to this topics extreme publicity and silliness; many fans have felt a sense of exigency, in a rhetoric sense, and have decided to speak out on the issue. David Heeb, a high school teacher and basketball…show more content…
In a numbers sense of the issue, it just seems completely absurd to be fighting over hundreds of thousands of dollars while they are making millions in a country where even dangerous and exhausting public service jobs pay just thousands. This is why Heeb also introduces a new perspective to the reader in which he still uses pathos and logos. “I am a high school teacher/coach from Missouri. In 2007, the average teacher in Missouri made $42,246.67. In 2009, that number increased by 1.19% to $42,750. So what if my employers told me that I had to take the same kind of pay cut? What if my new salary starting next year was slashed to just 35,250? I probably wouldn’t like it, and I’d probably throw a fit also” (Heeb). Now Heeb is using more facts in numbers and percentages, but he makes the reader think about the NBA players salaries as if it were their own. Now instead of feeling angry toward the basketball players for being greedy; the reader feels a sense of pity. Heeb seems to focus mostly on the monetary issue of the NBA lockout whereas another writer and fan, Joe Dorish, takes a different toll on the issue and focuses mostly on the likely outcome of the lockout. In an article written by Dorish on Yahoo Sports, he addresses the NBA lockout and states that the owners will likely be the winners when the…show more content…
“Due to the lockout, some NBA players are now playing overseas. Deron Williams, who plays for my Nets, is playing in Turkey right now. His reported salary for playing in Turkey is somewhere between $1 million to $5 million dollars. Deron Williams make $15 million in salary playing in the NBA in 2011. And he didn’t have to deal with a 7.2 magnitude earthquake” (Dorish). These are cold hard facts that Dorish is stating, and they make sense. Players really don’t have many options. Not many are going to be able to play overseas, and if they are then they are going to get paid much less than they would playing in the states; even with the pay cut. Anyone reading this would agree that the players seem out of luck, and that the owners are going to win in this battle of millionaires versus billionaires. From reading the two articles, one can conclude that when dealing with writings on issues regarding the NBA lockout; logos is the rhetoric strategy that seems to get a point across easiest. While evoking emotion in readers’ works, it is felt on both sides of the argument and may leave them feeling unsure of which side is best. With logic and fact the reader is only prompted to believe a specific statement. It seems like that is why both authors seem to use logos, at the very least, in their articles. Just like the old saying goes, it’s the facts that

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