Are Pro Athletes Over Paid

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Many people every day wonder the question, “Are pro athletes over-paid?” The answer to that question is simply, yes. The salaries of the professional athletes playing the game today are out of control. The effects that is has on the game is not nearly as bad as the effects that it deals on the players. Once upon a time athletes were not paid amounts of money nearly this large for their physical abilities. Instead they worked more than one job, lived a completely normal life, and simply played the sport they played for a hobby. During that time there was no such thing as a contract. The only agreement between a general manager and an athlete was a shaking of hands. Nowadays there are contract negotiations headed by lawyers and agents (Mattson).…show more content…
Many people would be ecstatic to get a raise of that caliber. That makes the new league minimum in the NFL for a one year contract increase to a staggering $450,000 (NBC). With all this talk of hundreds of thousands of dollars for one year contracts many would be quick to point out that they are paying that amount to someone who is probably sitting on the bench taking up space (Freeman). Many would argue that this is a complete waste of money. That all depends on how you feel about the player with the contract and the team that player is on. The league minimum has a negative effect on the sport in the way that it increases the cost of everything. For example, the cost of a ticket to an Atlanta Falcons game can range anywhere from 98-1000 dollars (Ticketexchange). That is ridiculous. There is a very clear logical reason that the price for a ticket to get into one game is so outrageously expensive. The extreme ticket prices are not the only pricey things at an average NFL game. According to Yahoo Sports, the average cost of a hot dog is $4.84. The average cost of a soft drink? $4.57. Just to park at one of these games can run up the price of a day spent watching football. The price to park at a Cowboys’ game runs up to $75 (Yahoo Sports). This isn’t to mention beer, merchandise, and other types of food that can cost far more than $4.84. All these things would cost a family of four an average of $443.93 dollars for a day at the game (Yahoo…show more content…
These athletes are around 20 years old and are receiving millions of dollars all at once, which can be overwhelming and tempting to spend. They are left vulnerable to entrepreneurs looking for investors. They are tempted to invest in businesses that are almost guaranteed to fail. They are big name superstars and want a big name business behind them, such as night clubs, restaurants, or car washes. They are told that if they throw large chunks of money into these businesses they will double, triple, or even quadruple what they put into it. More often than not they never hear from that person they gave money to again. Athletes that do face these financial problems often don’t know how to fix the problem. They have spent their entire life having things given to them. When their funds run low and the desperation process begins, they spend all their remaining money investing in failing businesses trying to make a quick buck. They don’t really know how to work in the real world. The negative effect here is the financial problems these athletes will face after retirement. They leave the game with no source of income, other than a spouse, and end up spending all their money on big houses, fancy cars, or failing businesses (USA Today Financial Ball). These problems have had

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