Do Athletes and Actors Get to Much Money

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Do Athletes And Actors Get Paid Too Much? For years all over the United States and probably in other countries, people have had heated discussions on if athletes and actors are paid too much. For instance some actors get paid around 40 million dollars to star in a movie and some athletes get paid about 100 million dollars in 5 years to play a sport. So you can see why some people believe that these athletes and actors get paid to much money. Then others will say that the time and effort they put into their job is reason enough to get paid these amounts. So we will go over some heated discussions on why athletes and actors get paid too much or why some people think they earn every penny they get. You can bring this topic up anywhere you like and you will get all different kinds of answers. Some will even get angry about the topic due to the amount they get because maybe they are jealous or just think some do not deserve the amount they get. While others will argue back because they believe they earned all of the money and could be that some are stubborn and hard headed. So lets get on with this debate and you tell me your own opinion on why they get too much money or they earn every penny they get. So to start this debate we will go over the pro’s of getting paid this much money and why they do. For instance some believe they are not over paid due to the risk of injuries that could put them out of the sport the rest of their life giving the reason why they get paid so much money. Also some will say they deserve the check due to all the work they put into it, because when the season is over they are still training and getting ready for the next season. Shaun Swiger stated, “It is time to stop labeling players as greedy and start thinking of them as businessmen pursuing the largest contract possible.

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