Salary Cap In Professional Baseball

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Salary Cap in Professional Baseball Both experts and fans have different opinions on whether or not a salary cap should be put on major league baseball. Argument such as, the game being less exciting has been used opposing the cap. Those who favor the cap don’t think it’s fair to the poorer teams who can’t afford big name players. Financially, a salary cap is a great method of keeping overall costs down. A salary cap was almost put into play in 1994 until the players went on strike. 938 games including the playoffs were cancelled that year. Donald Fehr, the leader of the Major League Baseball Players Association believed that a salary cap was simply a way for owners to clean up their own disparity problems with no benefit…show more content…
Having a fixed dollar amount for a league helps weaker or smaller teams compete better with the larger ball clubs. A sports team shouldn’t be decided on how much money a team has, yet it should be decided on how much talent the team has. In the NBA for example, considering that all teams have the same amount to spend on player salaries, the teams should be more evenly matched; this makes for better and more exciting games. Player salaries take a large chunk out of the team’s expenditures in the first place; paying the players even more would take so much away from the team. The teams have less money for promotions, advertising, and field or court maintenance. Caps help keep player from getting too greedy and wanting more money. Most NBA players today are money hungry and overly-confident in their abilities. If you buy the player for what their worth, and sell them for what they think they’re worth, you would make an extremely heavy profit. If a talented player is on a successful team, they’re going to want to stay on that particular team regardless of a few million dollars. Quality players are willing to lower their expectations of what they think they should be getting paid in order to stay on their winning team. Monopolizing all the best players in sports makes the game boring. One team completely dominating with no competition takes away the competitive spirit of the game. All the best players should be…show more content…
Some people are against a salary cap and believe the richest team should reap all the benefits. Sometimes sports teams bring in a superstar player just to fill seats. If attendance is low, a general manager might decide to bring in a player who is well known. This player usually is labeled by the term, “fan favorite.” Raising attendance means more money in the team’s pocket. Which means more money can be spent on players. Sure ticket prices and memorabilia will skyrocket, but people come to see their favorite players. A non-caring position is sometimes taken, such as, “it’s the owners money;let them shovel it out if they want.” Dominant teams sell tickets. How often did a Boston Celtics game get sold out last year? By mid-season the fans were booing their own home team. During the offseason, Boston made roster movements that included bringing in superstars Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, to go along with team veteran Paul Peirce. Now that three of the biggest names in basketball today are on the same team, ticket sales have soared. Who wants to go see a game with a bunch of no name players who don’t win anyway? Three superstars playing together however, people would pay double to get into the game. Given, the Celtics had to make a lot of major roster changes and the players had to take some pay-cuts to keep the team under the

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