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Homework Case I “How a UPS Manager cut Turnover” 1. In dollars-and-cents’ terms, why did Jennifer Shroeger want to reduce turnover? Answer: In dollars-and-cents’ term, Jennifer Shroeger wants to reduce turnover because it have serious impacts on the organization as a whole. Those impacts are: * Pressure influence on the remaining staffs: the organization will have less staffs to work due to turnover, so each individual who ever performs one function; for example, have to do multi-tasks. The works left by resigned employees would be distributed to the remaining staffs, and they would be burdened by the additional job.This can make them have much pressure and want to leave the workplace more and more. Thus, number of turnover will increase even more badly. * Affect operational efficiency: the organization’s operation is heavily relied on part-time workers, so it is essential to reduce its turnover. When there are not all of them, the operation process will become worst due to insufficient workers. Moreover, when they leave, the organization needs to hire new inexperienced staffs with highly paid and full benefits to fill the responsibilities, this adds up to dollars and cents. * Losing time and money: when there is an increase of employees’ turnover, the tasks will be overloaded as there are no staffs to cope with those. This leads organization to recruit staffs to fulfill job vacancy and to do the tasks. Recruiting new staffs is not a short easy process and costs less, the organization has to pay much money on advertising, training, developing and so on. Also, it needsto spend time to do the interview, to select and to train them to work. * Decrease productivity: when more staffs resign, the number of staffs working is less which leads to decrease thecapacity of production. Moreover, turnover of the old employees forces the organization to find
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