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Symcor Case Paper By: Lavvan Raguram Instructor: Ron Babin Symcor is on one of the North American leaders when it comes to supporting financial processing services providers, major banks and retail and telecommunications companies in Canada, and as well as the U.S. They basically provide outsourcing to companies. Symcor is owned by TD, RBC and BMO which are the three largest banks in Canada. They claim they provide the most cost-effective solutions and help their customers stay competitive. Symcor has more than 6000 employees and 30 locations. They are committed to creating value to their company and their client’s companies. Strengths Symcor is a very successful company with much strength. For instance they have earned the reputation for providing the best service and technological advancements. Symcor also provides their customers with long-term agreements which provide Symcor with a lot of financial stability. They have thirty locations and many employees. They help more than 100 companies by producing more than 3 billion cheques a year and more than 675 million statements annually. Symcor is also the biggest provider in financial processing service providers. They help major banks, retail companies and telecommunication companies. There is no doubt that Symcor is the best company for outsourcing services based on their work, reputation and commitment to deliver success. Weaknesses Even though Symcor is a very strong company it has some weaknesses. One weakness is that Symcor is increasing the unemployment rate. Due to giving companies outsourcing opportunities, these companies will fire their staff because staff overseas will work for cheaper and sometimes even better. Also even though Symcor provides companies with 24/7 customer service, sometimes the speaking skills for people around the world is sub-par and will result in a communication barrier.

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