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Reading Response 7 Questions “Lifeboat Ethics: The Case Against Helping the Poor” by Garrett Hardin (414) Please respond to the following questions, based on the reading listed above. Your response for each question should be approximately 50 words. When finished, be sure to “Save As” a new file – entitled “Reading Response 7 - Your Name” then submit the file to me via the Drop Box posted under this week’s folder. 1. What is the basic thesis of Hardin’s article? We simply should not provide aid to people in poor countries. His argument is consequentialist: he claims that the net result of doing so would be negative -- would in fact be courting large-scale disaster. 2. On of Hardin’s big concerns is the rate of reproduction – the fact that rich, first-world countries have a much lower birth rate than poor, third-world countries. In your opinion, do you think this is an important consideration? Why or why not? Yes I do, because if you do look around the world there is so much overpopulation taking place. Most of this overpopulation is taking place in poor countries where poverty is running rampant. Some countries are wealthy and overpopulated because they have a much bigger country and can function with the high population. When you have a small country that is already poor and u keep reproducing more and more children you will run out of necessities that are vital to living and success. 3. What does Hardin cite as the “tragedy of the commons”? Do you agree with his assertion that “voluntary restraint” is a virtual impossibility in the real world, and thus opening everything up for shared us would result in eventual destruction? If everyone would restrain himself, all would be well; but it takes only one less than everyone to ruin a system of voluntary restraint. In a crowded world of less than perfect human beings, mutual ruin is
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