Economic Inequality: the Widening Gap Between Rich and Poor

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Arundhati Roy’s text “Excerpts from War Talk” and “Why the Rich are Getting Richer and the Poor Poorer” by Robert Reich are two texts explaining the major reasons of why in todays society rich people get richer while poor become poorer. Unfortunately, the society is very unfair. There is a system in place that is controlled by a handful of extremely wealthy people, who often were luckily born into the right families and never worked their way to the top. These people in power positions have the game rigged to continue to benefit them and to protect their heritage. Your future wealth is no longer depending on how hard you work; there are hardworking intelligent people and hard working less intelligent people in all groups of society. According to current research, one of the major challenges we face today in terms of increasing gaps is that hard work often offers little guarantee of success. There are three key points we need to change in order to replace a down spiral to a rising one, privatization, globalization and our use of technology. We rely on private corporations to create jobs and to produce the goods and services we need to survive. But a problem appears when a country change health care, education and natural resources from governmental businesses, that benefit everyone, to private corporations that only benefit one or a few. In “Excerpts from War Talk” the author warns us about the situation in India saying “While the project of corporate globalization rips through peoples lives in India, massive privatization and labor ‘reforms’ are pushing people off their lands and out of their jobs. Hundreds of impoverished farmers are committing suicide by consuming pesticide. Reports of starvation deaths are coming in from all over the country. While the elite journeys to its imaginary destination” and reminds us of something we all have to be more aware of. When

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