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Albert Garcia Missus Jennifer Lowe English 1303 11/2/12 America’s Plutocracy is Revolting For the past couple of years, there seems to a new subject that is engulfing social circles, the internet, and the news. It seems as if citizens have discovered the 1%, or America’s richest individuals. Some have dismissed these reports as inflated statistics, greatly exaggerated and that an individual cannot own that much money. In reality, America is very much controlled by a wealthy elite, as explained by Mike Lofgren in his article “Revolt of the Rich”. Lofgren proposes that the wealthy elite in America are transitioning into separating themselves from the common population. Mike Lofgren’s “Revolt of the Rich”, published on August 27, 2012,…show more content…
Lofgren exhibits his ability to relate to the common American by describing how the rich get to have it easier while the common man has to struggle to keep up with the world. The rich have detached themselves from the society and, by sending their children to private schools and corrupting the public education system, are inhibiting the rest of the country to reach their echelon. Lofgren gives the impression that by their actions, the rich have metaphorically climbed to the top and kicked the ladder down. He paints the elitists as people who ignorantly spend their money and provides anecdotes throughout the article of examples of this flagrant use of money. Lofgren tells of Robert Rubin, former secretary of Treasury and Executive at Goldman Sachs and CitiGroup, who was scheduled to attend a important function. “Along the way he encountered a traffic jam, and on arriving to his event—late—he complained to a city functionary with the power to look into it. “Where was the jam?” asked the functionary. Rubin, who had lived most of his life in Manhattan, a place of east-west numbered streets and north-south avenues, couldn’t tell him. The super-rich who determine our political arrangements apparently inhabit another, more refined dimension.” This story again confirms the idea that the elitists of America are “in the place and ruling it, but not of…show more content…
His stance is that Americans should take notice of “the realities of outsourced manufacturing, financialization of the economy, and growing income disparity.” He does not propose any action against the rich, but instead provides information that demonstrates his negative thoughts towards the 1% richest Americans. Mike Lofgren’s ideology and stance about the wealthiest citizens is something I have in common with him. This article has provided me more inspiration to change the state of America’s economy in a positive manner, at least positive for the 99%. His statistics have provided me with insight about how truly unethical the United States’ government is, and while reading this article inspires the reader to take action against such dishonest

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