Essay On Republican Party

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The two strong ideas regarding improving the improving the economy reside in the republican or democratic parties. The Republican Party suggests tax breaks towards big business, while democrats believe more taxes to the upper class can create money for programs to boost government involvement in society. The better of the two, the Republican Party allows tax breaks to the wealthy to encourage spending through out the economy by allowing more money to actually reach others in need, through a process known as trickle down economics. Money being spent from the high point on the food chain causes a chain reaction to boost every business because of increased business as a result of the tax breaks. This ultimately leads to the demise of poverty…show more content…
Instead of agreeing to leave the economy in the hands of an enabling government, republicans feel for an economy jumpstarted and fueled by the wealthy. Instead of destroying the wealthy, republicans feel that placing more money in the hands of the rich instead of taking it from them will encourage spending nationwide. This will allow for more jobs through business growth, which allows for a decreasing poverty rate as people on welfare transition to being self-sufficient members of society. As common sense as this may stand many take aim against this “For America to get back on track we are probably going to cut that sort (The upper class tax breaks) and not give it to you, we are going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good (Hillary Clinton)”. Anti business and enabling irresponsibility, people oppose the undenying common sense of this idea. Those who oppose this do so because of the fear that their social programs will be taken from them, although their suggestions to eliminate wealthy and big business tax breaks are in a sense creating another sacrifice for republicans to face. The question though is which sacrifice will benefit the nations economy more? The answer is the one that will establish responsibility and increase jobs and the flow of
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