Won T Say Obama Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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In Barack Obama’s re-election ad, “Won’t Say – Obama for America TV Ad,” the targeted audience is the middle class people. Obama is trying to get across the point that the Republican candidate Mitt Romney will, if elected, raise taxes on the average middle class family in order to get tax breaks for the rich. The campaign ad for President Barack Obama, “Won’t Say – Obama for America TV Ad,” presents a visual and textual argument with the strategies of pathos, logos, and ethos to show to the middle class people that Mitt Romney will raise their taxes in order to cut taxes for the rich, like himself. But Romney is not saying exactly what he will do to the middle class people. The argument of Obama’s ad is slightly effective after further research; Romney’s plans are not necessarily to raise taxes on the middle class, but at the same time, he will lower the tax rates for the higher class. The rhetorical strategy pathos is greatly used in the re-election ad for Obama, by not just mentioning that it will affect the middle class…show more content…
To try and prove these assumptions, the ad shows inserts of highly credible sources such as The Wall Street Journal, and Tax Policy Center to say that he will not give detail on what he will do to the middle class taxes, they say his plans will be forced to raise them. Although this is based on some truth, the ad is not completely based on all truth. I do not think that the ad is completely effective after the facts that have been found. It is because the main dispute on the raising of the middle class families is not completely true; it is what the Democrats think Romney will choose to do. But because Mitt Romney has not told exactly what he plans on doing, the main point of the ad is a
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