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Rhetorical Essay Michael Moore makes a clear proclamation in his excerpt “Idiot Nation” that America’s education system is drastically failing. Although America is the richest country, education has become less and less of a priority. Not only does Moore state the issue but he also explains ways we can resolve the situation and put the country back on top. Moore uses a plethora of different persuasive and rhetorical strategies to get his audience to understand his claim on the issue. One of the most unique rhetorical strategies he uses is belittling the public figures of the nation. “George W. Bush spoke proudly of having been a mediocre student at Yale. “And to the C students, I say you, too, can be president of the United States!”” (Moore 123). Moore also points out that George Bush has an ex-president of a dad and the Supreme Court was full of his dad’s buddies. By stating this he is suggesting that in this country it is not about what you know but who you know. Sadly meaning a mediocre education has the same amount of significance as a spectacular education. This strategy can bring the audience closer to his side because he is proving the fact that our nation is in fact ran by idiots. Another rhetorical strategy Moore proposes is the use of a sarcastic tone throughout his excerpt. “Chances are, the genius representing you in the legislature won’t score 50 percent on the above test” (Moore 132). In a deeper outlook his sarcastic tone shows that he is confident enough about his argument to make jokes about it. He almost makes the reader feel like an “idiot” themselves for not knowing about the predicament our nation is in before reading his argument. Moore’s sarcasm is another way of being bumptious and knowing his stand on the argument is the right one and to push his audience to agree as well. Moore’s excerpt is well-structured from beginning to end.

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