Homelessness In America Analysis

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Is This What America Has Become I found an article on homelessness in America. The piece talked about homelessness among the middle class in LA. It pointed out that homelessness was rising amid middle class families. It lists a few possible reasons like the recession and the housing crisis. I know that things are obviously harder now days for people. Jobs are being outsourced or given away to undocumented workers who work under the table for less but this article really had me thinking. I am the type of person that is willing to relocate anywhere I believe I can make it. So it had me thinking if this is people not knowing about other options or not knowing how to survive unless the script had already been written. It seems we are…show more content…
After reading some of the tutorials in this article I wondered how many of these people gave it all they had. I think what made the middle class so great in its day was the fact that most of the folks in this income bracket made donations to the rest of society. Without a strong and healthy middle class we are just left with the rich and the poor. The rich try to convince the rest of us that if you work hard enough you too can be a CEO. And the poor know better. How can this situation benefit anyone in our society? If the rich have all of the money and everyone else has nothing then we are no better than a dictatorship. Sure we still have some freedoms but for how long? It seems our government is already been overrun and now controlled by greed. Special interest groups, the rich, run the Congress. They own the media outlets. Will the rest of America really sit by and allow this to happen? The housing market is what started some of this domino effect but I have not heard of any banks going bankrupt or losing their prior existence like the families and middle class. All the companies that stopped making products in this country have not lost anything either. They have been rewarded instead with tax breaks. American people are drowning and the upper crust is throwing us life jackets made of
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