Summary: The Failure Of Congress

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The underlying political structure of this country is being tested with war, economic hardship and a corrupt Congress. The United States is a nation founded upon a demand for representation, and this has become harder to accomplish with of millions of people represent. But that does not mean that we should not hold the government to a high standard. Congressmen today are fueled by their greed, they are misinformed, and most people don’t even like them. The system here is broken; the system of representation in the United States is a failure. Congress not only appears to be disliked all throughout the US, but a poll The New York Times, and CBS News put together shows that most Americans disapprove of how Congress is run. As of October 19th…show more content…
Lobbyists are supposed to be a group of people seeking to influence politicians on a specific issue. The key word in that definition is people, because lobbyists today are no longer people. They are representatives for multi-billion dollar industries and companies, and when was the last time huge corporations really knew what was best for the people? They don’t, they only know what is best for themselves. Lobbyists could be used to get voters demands to Congress after elections, but now most lobbyists are paid by large corruptions to influence lawmakers. A great example of their influence is the recently introduced bill, called SOPA. It was aimed to make major reforms to Internet piracy. They proposed to accomplish this by censoring any site that had been accused of copyright infringement. Any site with user generated content; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many more could quickly be blocked. Two senior congressional Aides that were later hired by Hollywood entertainment lobbying offices, had a large part of writing the bill. The lobbying group hired them after the bill was introduced. They could then lobby the bill more effectively with the congressional aides information. Do you want lobbyist to be able to have that power? To be able to relay insider information to huge lobbying firms so that they can push a law that could censor you? To take away your cat videos? No, obviously not, but lobbyists push huge bills in the name of corporations all the time. SOPA was a bill that was, without question written for Hollywood. Hollywood is able to use its millions to act as if it is a person and influence a bill that almost nobody wanted. Hollywood and other large business groups do not think like people think, they have very different goals, and when they are able to be represented as people they are given too much influence, and their voice becomes bigger than the general
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