The Occupy Wall Street Movement's Power

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Occupy Wall Street Movement Sonya L. Hames BUS 309 Prof. Allen Strayer University November 4, 2012 The Occupy movement’s power comes from a simple moral message: It’s wrong to demolish the world of health and hopes of others. We called the Occupy movement the source of the crises of our time. Wall Street banks, big corporations, and others among the 1% are claiming the world’s wealth for themselves at the expense of the 99% and having their way with our governments. The Occupy Wall Street didn’t start by just demanding change; it also transformed how the 99% see themselves. Many people felt shame when they couldn’t find a job, pay their debts, or keep their homes from being taken was a political…show more content…
The 99% came to see that we are collateral damage in all out effort by the super-rich to get even richer. The economic system that forces most people bear the impacts of the selfishness of a few powerful profiteers, to assume the burdens of others privilege, and to pay the real costs of destructive industries in the currency of their health and the hopes of their children. The system is immoral when it threatens to disrupt the great environmental cycles that support all the lives on earth, which is a moral monstrosity on a cosmic scale. The world is deeply interconnected and interdependent that damages to any part undermines the flourishing of the entire world. No matter how rich, no matter how well established,…show more content…
The dimension should include leadership; platforms; tactics and strategy; funding for ongoing sustainability and activities; internal decision making and carrying out, reviewing and refining decisions; connections with other Movements and organizations; mechanisms security of organization and recruitment-training of new members; and the like. None of this is really present within the any particular Occupy demonstration, or groups within them, past and present. Any serious ongoing organizational links between the Occupy movement in different cities inside America and outside as well, appear to be absent or sporadic and mostly on levels of personal sect relationships. The main focus of the various ”Occupy actions in New York City and throughout America appears to be on the “politics of the deed”, some tech in activities and spontaneous “street theater” of emotion and action. This is followed by periods of inaction and “non-occupation” around various key events and demonstrations. The Occupy demonstrations in various cities held signs demanding lower tuitions, student debt forgiveness and more jobs available when they graduate. But we see little or nothing about the gross of inequalities faced by minorities in access to quality of education. According

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