Is Britain a Divided Society

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Modern Britain a Divided Society Britain a divided society? Definitely! Despite so-called progress in the last 50 years we remain a socially, economically, religiously, educationally and politically divided society. In our attempts to improve the lot of the poorest socially disadvantaged people in our society we have evolved a benefits and support system that has not helped them to become self-sufficient or promoted the values and qualities of determination, hard work and entrepreneurial spirit that exists throughout our population. The rich are penalized for their contribution to the economy through high tax. Our benefit system has spawned a class of intelligent people who exploit the system! In my view this general state has risen from economic and educational divides. I find that the way that different classes of people react to each other, and how they have different mind-sets a bit weird. I mean “who really cares if you dad is worth £1.5 billion or you live in downtown London?” Unfortunately there are people who will judge you based just on your money which saddens me as many of the happiest and nicest people I know are not vastly rich but balanced all rounded individuals. Most Brits feel uncomfortable or afraid when not in situations with people like themselves. We are not good as a society at understanding and informing ourselves about people of different social, ethnic and religious backgrounds. In our efforts to be politically correct we find ourselves in a situation where minorities walk over people by loudly vocalizing their opinions opposed to the passive majority of the population, who just want to get on with life! On the point of not understanding, the word “gypsies” springs to mind. Quite often “gypsies” is not only used as a way to describe the Romani people but as a derogatory term meaning someone of a dubious nature and liable to steal.
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