The Cause Of Homelessness In America

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The causes of homelessness in America can be classified in to two broad categories, which are: (1) individual shortcomings and (2) societal issues. Individual shortcomings include mental illnesses, family breakdown, addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, lack of education, and amoral behavior. On the other hand, societal issues relate to interrelated social, political and economic factors which include joblessness, distribution of income and wealth and the profit structure of the housing market. People in America are vulnerable to getting homeless irrespective of their educational and ethnic backgrounds. Many studies have found that the homeless population has reached to the figure of 4 million in America that has altered the image of the homeless people as being beggars, hobos and winos. Today homelessness has become a non-transitional long term phenomenon. Homelessness has been observed to be rising despite the relative economic prosperity. Thus, in my opinion, homelessness in America is a very complex issue that has various factors involved behind it. However, homelessness basically arise due to extreme poverty and hence, it directly relates to the forces in capitalism that are responsible for the increase in poverty.

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