Prison Industrial Complex

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The United States of America is one of the greatest countries in the World, but like most, it is riddled with problems. One of the most pressing problems, for example, is America’s prison industrial complex. The prison industrial complex allows private prisons to profit off of their own inmates, thereby giving the incentive to retain non-violent criminals and fueling corruption throughout all levels of the United States government. The true victim in all of this is the system itself. This, a system founded upon the principal of rehabilitation, yet in reality, is more interested in imprisoning non-violent criminals indefinitely than providing them the help so desperately needed. It sickens me that the United States allows for such a horrible thing. Private prisons in the United States make millions of dollars off of their own prisoners. It is simple, the more prisoners the prisons have the more money they make. Private prisons enjoy a guaranteed profit with every inmate they house. The extent of that profit is solely dependent on how much it costs to imprison each individual. Thus, the prisons incentive is to cut corners often by cutting the number of guards on duty and increasing the number of inmates they are responsible for. Even more, these inmates are working everyday in various industries for pennies. Without workers rights such as the right to strike, collectively bargain, or even to quit, private prisons are growing and benefiting largely off of the backs of these inmates. In the year 2000 there were 100 private prisons profiting off of a population of nearly two million individuals. Private prisons have utterly corrupted the United States Government. Private prisons are using the profits they have earned to buy/lobby politicians. These politicians are then expected to legislate in such a way that benefits the private prisons and in turn
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