Are the Poor people committing more crimes than the Rich?

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Are the Poor people committing more crimes than the Rich? Fact: The rich commit far more crime than the poor and evades Punishment. Most economists writings I read have a glib answer: Poor people are more often arrested and charged for committing crimes, but the fact is that the master minds under all these crimes, or the people who encourage the poor to do these crimes are often the high class people. Crime is just one of many, many "social pathologies" that are more often over-represented among the poor: alcoholism, drug abuse, obesity, illegitimacy, etc. And of course none of these are good escape routes from poverty and we all believe in the term "poverty causes crime". But it’s not always the poor who commits crime. Mostly the poor or the middle class people will go after crimes to fulfill their temporary desires. For example raping, stealing and sometimes murder too. Since the low class poor people are not usually educated, they often easily “pushed” into the crimes by the high class people. Usually the upper class people are invisible and at the end the poor is the ones who get blamed. Certainly the rich benefit more than the poor. That has always and will always be the case in every society the world has known. Very often the rich push the poor by removing workers rights, by limiting corporate liability, by instigating war. I could go on, but you get the point. Society is essentially a contract. The poor work in order to make the rich wealthier. That's how it works. Society, itself, is exploitation. The most striking fact about the upper class criminals are that they evades or escapes Punishment . We all see it over and over again, how the upper class status provides immunity to violent and non-violent criminals. In most cases, convicts who are from the upper-class, are more likely to be paroled at the earliest
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