Franklin Delano Roosevelt: A Good Deal

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt has been called one of the greatest presidents which we have ever had. However, that assertion is based on one's willingness to agree, and fully believe in, the methods and the man who created such programs as the National Recovery Administration (NRA) and Works progress Administration (WPA), and as a whole Roosevelt's "New Deal". Taken apart, these programs seem like a "Good Deal", but when one evaluates them separately and disjointed from their mantle, he finds that not only were they risky, they might have sunk this country during the great depression. Compound this with his instating of our broken Social Security system along with his income tax raises and instatement of payroll taxes, and you've got a recipe…show more content…
You see, an administration before had been given two choices: let the nation heal itself or plunge astronomical amounts of money into industry causing a national debt far beyond anything we had ever seen. The choice was clear: Hoover would have to gradually improve the country without creating an enormous national deficit. However, FDR was not so subtle. Through the use of what I lovingly dub, the "Money Arm" he threw money at whatever obstacle was presented to him. "Unemployment? Here, have a wad of cash." "What do you mean a hollow economy, here's some cash." "No, we can solve our deficit problem with a bigger one. Here's a ton of cash, why don't you have some?" Eventually FDR was able to create a Hollow Economy, a state in which the economy appears to be flourishing, but in reality, the rich are getting richer, and the poor poorer. Although the WPA and NRA both did a great job of decreasing unemployment, they also did a great job of taking our riches. So how does all of this affect us? Well, it's simple. We are still paying off the deficit that FDR created for us. In reality, his presidency is a perfect example of how a certain political party can look back on history and see something different from what actually occurred. In other words, "reality is not a problem". A simple example of this is the concept of that evil, deceptive tax cut. That same party will tell you that the only way to make money from taxes is to raise them until every rich patron of this country is paying an arm and a leg just to stay alive. Not only does this punish the rich for being rich, it is a form of socialism though it's redistribution of money in an attempt to reward the idle for doing nothing, and punish the busy for endeavoring to make money. Doesn't make much sense does

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