Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man Summary

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Why is the author writing this book at the time that he has? After 9/11 media emphasis illustrating America’s greed began to come light. The emphasis evolved from Americans asking, why did this happen? Many Americans soon discovered that we were struck by terrorism because of our government’s greed. Throughout the past ten years there have been movies, documentaries, and several books published unveiling the ugly truth about America’s greedy and calculating tactics. John Perkins wrote titled Confessions of an Economic Hit Man where he informs the public about the role he an economic hit man along with others played throughout the past several decades in financially crippling foreign countries for America’s personal wealth. Additionally,…show more content…
Additionally, he implemented policies geared toward using the oil profits to help the people of Ecuador. Obviously, the United States did not find the concept of creating wealth for the Ecuadorian people therefore they tried to negotiate with Roldos and when he did not oblige he was assassinated. Panama 1981- Are his revelations credible? Do you believe him? Does he have a motive to distort the details of his endeavors or is he relating the truth and nothing but the truth. I believe the revelations are credible because there are actual footage supporting Perkins claims. Has this book in any way impacted your understanding of the world and how it works? Confessions of an Economic Hit Man has impacted my understanding of the world and how it works in terms of understanding how we have grown to become a global super power. Unfortunately, our wealth has been at the disadvantage of other countries. What are your impressions or your thoughts after reading this text? After reading this text my thoughts are clearer in terms of understanding how the top one percent has attained its wealth. It also makes me ask why and how has this happened for so long. It is inhumane to intentionally financially cripple a country to attain excess

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