Analysis Of Barbara Ehrenreich's The Trouble With The Super Rich

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The Super Rich Are Killing Our Democracy It was foretold by Thomas Jefferson that the downfall of a democracy is the accumulation of wealth by the rich and the lack of money for the poor. This is now happening with the Super Corporations controlling the flow of money and the flow of money controlling our politicians. Barbara Ehrenreich, in her article, “The Trouble With The Super Rich”, talks about: America being divided more and more by money. The upper class is shrinking in size, but not in wealth. Having such a small amount of people possessing such a large amount of the wealth will pull down society. Our biggest private employer, Walmart, the “Union-busting low-wage retail empire happens to have generated a $200 billion family fortune”, while, not even paying their workers a living wage. People having accumulated all this wealth then use it to pay off politicians to vote and write bills in their favor. America would be better off with the upper class being flushed out of our system.…show more content…
The idea was to protect the owners of companies from lawsuits. Actually the rich saw it as a way to lower their taxes, fool the uneducated, and to be irresponsible for their cheating and lies. Wal-Mart, which started out selling all American made products, soon started selling products made in sweatshops in foreign counties and we the people did not care and we scooped up the bargains. Now, these Super Corporations, who answer only to the board members and owners, cut the employees pay, use part timers to avoid benefits and count their billions while families are starving. We the people allowed these corporations to get the upper

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