Social Class In America

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Daniel Smith Paper 2 6/17/13 Social class in America is grouped into two types of people, the people who have to sell their labor to survive, and the capital owners. Capital owners are the top of the economy and could stop working and survive with the money they saved and make with social security. Political power in public policy is basically the tax returns that are given back to the citizens and tax rates from income and investments revenue. The biggest problem in Americas political power in public policy is that with the government basically leaning towards the richer, giving them more breaks, more money on tax returns, only the richer are getting richer and succeeding in America. The capital owners aka, the top 1%, in this…show more content…
The problem in today’s government is that they worked very well with the top class and not so much the lower and middle class. The government tends to favor the top class over all the others, and that isn’t right because they have everything all ready and don’t need to work to survive, unlike the people that need to sell their labor to survive in this nation. The top 400 richest people together on tax returns make average around 202 million. That is a crazy amount of money, think of all the better things it could go towards, homeless people, school system, Medicare/Medicade, and getting rid of the huge debt that America has sunken them selves into. Another huge issue is the whole unemployment rate. I think the cause is that all these top name companies are going global and are government is approving all of this, and the thing is the government knows that they are only looking for cheap labor. So they moved all the factories out of America to China, India, Japan, Korea, and many more. These top companies are just money hungry where every they see money is where they go, they don’t care if they move a factory/ shut it down from one place to another because no matter where they go it will make…show more content…
It is a myth, not in the sense of a fictional story but in a sense of symbolic representation of a perfect life and job. The American dream is a narrative about ordinary people striving for material success and social acceptance. Within this “dream” it consist on a family of a husband wife and kids. The father goes to work all day to support his family and the wife stays home. Now a day the average family has both parents working just to survive in today’s society. With more workers being hired , that means hours are cut to shorter work hours and days. Big name companies don’t care if they have to cut employees hours, the employee is easily replicable in there eyes. By cutting the hours of middle and lower class citizens it’s affecting there life’s more and more by making it harder for them to get

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