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Cody Wilder Economics M, W My Presidential Debates Response In the presidential debates between Mitt Romney and President Barack Hussein Obama have many key points that they both have to argue. One way or another they are going to have to deal with a lot of tough issues. Obama is about rising Education, training, new sources of energy. Mitt is on the Energy for the most part, also championing “small business”. Mitt wants growth and he thinks small business is best for that. They both in a way have no idea what’s really going on, all they can do is take commander and start spending money on anything and everything. Most of all the debates are just arguing, “who said”, or “I never said that”. The Bottom line is we need to go from deficit to surplus, Most people don’t even know what this means and I personally believe it is time for a new change in presidency. President Obama spent more money than every president combined and he has…show more content…
Social Security, taxes, health care is just a touchy subject for many older voters because they depend on it. There is way too much to talk about to write in an essay so that’s why I think I talk about the key points. This can tie up with economics because it is a circular flow of money, just like we went over in Economics class. One way or another we get money to spend money. In President Obama’s case he just makes money, re-opens failing businesses and spends more than we create or can pay back to china. I think a Economist should be our president and only economist, The presidents use facts from them and depend on them to make sure things are right. I don’t believe I can recall how many times both presidents said they got “analysis economists looked at”. I really don’t understand why they can’t go from deficit to surplus without causing chaos and make this economy a better place for

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