Typical American Essay

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The typical American is a middle-class man or woman that is college educated, lives for success, works for a living, pays taxes, owns a house, and has a decent size family. Most Americans succeed in graduating college or begins college but never finishes. Having a full-time job is expected as an average American. Money makes the typical American happy but they still intend to be unhappy. They need money to pay for taxes but most importantly, to an American, expensive materials with the most exclusive name brands. The typical American is very materialistic who enjoys the finer things. Americans are heavily focused on the media and how the celebrities on television live their lives and dream to live theirs the same exact way which can somewhat be impossible. Watching how celebrities on television live their lives can be a cause of materialism. Americans who have the finer things talk down on the average American who just works for a living everyday which causes the average American to feel like they can’t do something just because of what someone with more money says they shouldn’t do. Also, Taxes are paid for various reasons in which it is believed to help America. Average families in America start off happy and then slowly depart as the parents get a divorce which causes a lot of damage in a family. Children barely eat home-cooked meals because of fast food restaurants which is why most Americans are unhealthy. Sports are a big part of the American culture. Football, basketball, and baseball are the most popular sports and the Super Bowl is one of the biggest sport events. Americans celebrate a lot of holidays, such as, Independence Day and Thanksgiving. These holidays can be celebrated in various ways. Even though everyone in this world is unique, there’s a culture full of good and bad habits in
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