Argumentative Essay: Is The American Dream Over?

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Amber Dale Feb/10/2013 For some people the American dream is framed by a picture of a cute house, enclosed by a white picket fence, a family of four with their beloved dog and possibly a cotton tree with a tire swing. All though we don’t want to admit it, that’s not what we imagine anymore. Instead we imagine large houses surrounded by a privacy fence with only one way in, through a large iron gate. We fantasize about owning and driving fast cars, along with spending large amounts of money without any consequences. We spend our time and money buying, comparing and bragging about who has the best and latest technology craze. The concept of the American Dream is well explained with the article,” Is the American Dream over?” By…show more content…
Being knocked down a peg in society brings us back to wishing we could just accept or afford the little house with the picket fence. As soon as we are able to fulfill that dream again, if ever, we become greedy again. People crave for more and I believe it is only human to feel this way; this helps us to fit into society and feel as though we are living the American dream. For some people they struggle to live the American dream and tend look to the government for help. Feeling helpless due to the economy they become addicted to claiming help from other sources other than themselves because it just seems easier. Thomas argues,” Anyone who thinks dysfunctional government is going to help their dreams is putting their faith in the wrong place.” In other words, the government cannot help everyone. Instead we should but putting our faith into ourselves. We are what makes America today, and if we don’t like it, then maybe we should take action and change it. If we were to start by supporting small business, we would be creating more employment, and keeping money in the community. This would help more
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