What Are the Most Common Stereotypes About the Americans?

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What are the most common stereotypes about the Americans? Before speaking about stereotypes which are typical of American people we should find out what a stereotype is. The definition of a stereotype is a commonly known public belief about a certain social group or a type of individual; a stereotype is usually based on a prior assumption. Stereotypes are often created about people of specific cultures or races. Almost every culture or race has a stereotype. America is a relatively young country, but nevertheless it managed to become a very powerful and respectful in the world. By the way people have made stereotypes about Americans and their way of life long ago. Americans themselves do not trust to the rest of the world and think that they are hated and neglected in every remote and not remote corner of it. Actually they feel comfortably and safe only within their own country. There are certain stereotypes about Americans which are well-known and are made by people from other countries. Let us probe into the most popular of them. The characteristic feature that distinguishes them from for example the Brits is that Americans like to think and to talk about money and they want to get more and more money to buy expensive cars, organize fantastic pompous parties, make plastic surgeries, wear brand new clothes and afford themselves whatever they want. Being rich and owning expensive things is the number one imperative for Americans. Being poor is seen as a moral failure. This is the most popular stereotype about Americans. A desire to be rich creates another stereotype – each American wants to be a self-made person. The idea of the self-made man is inextricably tied up with that of the American dream. The self-made man is one who is not born in a privilege and well-to-do family, but manages to become a great success in life by his own efforts. The notion of

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