Consumerism In America

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Like many people I have everything I want, and then some. Even though I have an abundance of things I always seem to want more. Consumerism has definitely affected me and many other Americans. It has become part of our everyday life even if we wish not to admit it. Americans now spend more time shopping then attending religious services or even reading a book. With ads around every corner on billboards, in catalogs, television, and on banners on our favorite Internet site, “How can one not become addicted?” The media is reinventing holiday’s mainly to entice the consumer to spend money. Let's take a look at Christmas for example. It's based more on consumerism now then of love and family bonding. Companies come out with the newest toys and gadgets around this time, and with product placement have kids around the country going insane. Many are labeled as the must have gadget, and parents feel obligated to find this item for their child. Another holiday created to get consumer's to spend money is Valentine's Day. What's so sweet about spending huge amounts of money on gifts just to tell someone you love them? Seems like a scam to me! As you can see consumerism is what drives our economy. Right now shopping may even seem patriotic, it's without a doubt helping our economy pull out of the recession. On the other hand it's also partly the blame for the recession mixed with greed and want. Every year around tax season many Americans splurge instead of paying off current obligations. As Bloom stated, "Even the poor had new substances and new furnishings to dream about" (par. 23). To date we all still tend to spend money in our minds even before we even have the actual cash in-hand. Consumerism can affect people's personal relationships to a large extent. An obsession with material objects can potentially come between friends or lovers. With modern marketing exploits a

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