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Bartender Bailout The Missing Piece of the U.S. Economic Bailout Plan By: Derek Hubenak Bartender Bailout: The Missing Piece of the U.S. Economic Bailout Plan The United States congress decided to enact an economic plan to rebuild the U.S. economy and, in turn, has directly affected my income extensively. I have seen the effects of our economy slowing as consumers hold tight to hard earned money because of a fear the markets may crash any day. The Dow drops continuously and consumer spending drops just as fast. One can not thrive without the other. The US economic bailout plan is unethical and outright criminal. I hope to show the reader how the effects of the plan affect the average consumer and convince the reader how important voicing an opinion publicly about this issue is. My income drop With the economy beginning a projected lengthy recession,…show more content…
congress made a decision to enact a plan that would re-grow the economy. The idea is in the near future the consumers who were affected by the sub-prime lending practices that put homeowners in over the top would begin to feel relief from the unpaid loans provided. In turn, those consumers would begin to spend frivolously again. However, the plan does not account for the average consumer like me. I work two jobs and maintain my financial responsibility. My big payback is the government’s bad decision indirectly affecting my income. A more fair use of the $700 billion plan would have been to let those who took out loans known to be too much and the institutions that created the loan swim or sink. Then disperse the $700 billion to consumers like me who maintain our responsibility. I could certainly use a portion of the money and would most certainly spend it frivolously. I would be more than happy to help re-grow our economy by spending a portion of the money borrowed from other countries instead of giving it all away to individuals and institutions which caused my drop in income in the first

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